Our Process



Shipping & Receiving

Clients are provided secure shipping containers that hold approximately 60 to 80 pounds of recyclables. All metals can be placed into the same container for our staff to sort. We also cover the costs of FedEx Ground shipping for all of our clients.


Processing & Assay

After arriving at our secure processing facility, each lot or container is electronically checked into our computer system and assigned a unique lot number. The next step is sorting and processing. We utilize state of the art induction furnaces to fully homogenize the metals for the most accurate sampling. Utilizing a process known as ICP (Inductively coupled plasma), we are able to accurately identify precious metal content with an impressive 99.999% accuracy. 


Final Settlement & Payment

After our refining process is complete (typically within 3-5 business days) we provide each client with a full breakdown of the recycling along with payment. Final payments can be used to help offset business expenses, purchase or maintain equipment, or support a local charity or organization of your choosing.