Employee Spotlight - Jeff Hughes


Jeff has been with us at Contemporary Refining now for coming up on 6 months. Within that time he has already proven that he has what it takes to one day be one of the top performers within our sales organization. 

- Before working at Contemporary Refining, what was the most unusual or interesting job you’ve ever had?

"The most interesting job I ever had was back in my mid-twenties when I was working at Soldier Field for the Chicago Bears. I was responsible for preparing the stadium prior to home games and cleaning up the gigantic mess afterwards. Although messy and cold, I really enjoyed this opportunity because I have been a lifelong Chicago Bear fan."

– How did you first learn about Contemporary?

"Well I suppose I would have to give my sister the credit for that one. Being a family business, Contemporary Refining is owned by my brother-in-law, Jeremy. Despite what my sister says, he's really not a bad guy. Just kidding..." 

– What do you like most about your job?

"What I like most about my job has to be interacting and meeting new clients all over North America. Each client is unique and has their own interesting story to tell. Another aspect I enjoy about work is my work environment & coworkers. Our sales staff is a very tight group and enjoys working hard to serve our customers." 

– What is your proudest moment at Contemporary?

"My proudest moment was when I closed my first deal. It was my first week on the job and it gave me the confidence that I could actually be successful in this industry. To this day I still work with that client and we've grown to become pretty good friends"

– What is your role at Contemporary? 

"My role at Contemporary is as one of our National Account managers. My day to day responsibilities include managing existing customers, soliciting new clients, and networking throughout various organizations that we are a part of."